Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dog faggot thrower

Yesterday a video started to circulate over the internet in which an incredibly cruel girl throws some puppies that are barely 1 month old, into the river. The puppies are kept in a bucket before throwing and there is no way that the puppies are strong or old enough to swim and survive the river’s currents. People got intensely frustrated and angry after watching the video and some even wanted to hurt this girl for doing such an inhumane thing. Yesterday everyone on the internet just wanted to get more information about the girl and why she did such a thing.

Well as it turns out some information has been uncovered by some people about the girl. Apparently the girl’s name is Katja Puschnik and she is believed to be Croatian. This is because she was speaking Croatian in the video. The person making the video is not yet known though.
But it is speculated to be her brother

Katja Puschnik has a Facebook account and her face is quite clear in her profile picture. She is believed to be 5 feet 6 to 8 inches tall and blonde. She was wearing a red sweater in the video and there was something written on the sweater. There is still no information however, about what drove the girl to do this cruel act that has angered billions of people in the world, or what reason was behind this act. For now people are just wondering what the possible reasons could be. Some people have written in some forums that the puppies might have had a deadly disease.
this video explains what happened afterwards