Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This meme originated from the youtube account CopperCab. It was a very clever troll attempt that enticed a lot of hate and a lot of sympathy. The video depicts a "ginger" ranting about his negative experiences at school following the South Park episode about gingers not having souls. He holds up the camera to his face on a slightly elevated angle with a park backdrop to make the video more dramatic. His use of language and tone also made his video slightly annoying. In one case, he holds up his hand as if it were a mouth and in a very high pitched voice shrieks "Oh look, HE'S A GINGER". It was later revealed that the video was a fake and he was mainly doing it to get popular. He even set up his own e-store where he sold shirts.

It became so widely popular because of it's spread on 4chan and it's acknowledgment by famous youtubers such as KassemG. He made more videos ranting on other subjects: his haters, and more specifically his arguement with the youtuber "IShatOnYou".

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