Monday, May 24, 2010


A troll is someone who will state something only with the intention of stirring up controversy. Typically the statement is so absurd that only the most noobish of noobs will get offended and respond.

For example, one might purposefuly spel things wrong or use poor grammar, knowing that this will drive some people crazy, eliciting a response.

A more advanced troll might even spell things wrong in a post criticizing the spelling in someone else’s post, hoping to elicit an angry counter-reaction. Numerous forums and Usenet boards are dedicated to the fine art of what the NYTimes called “manipulating other people’s emotional equilibrium”.


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  2. We believe that sometimes trolling can go too far. People need to take it less seriously as it is only for fun though. Overall good post as it informs the audience, nice trolls during the post too.