Sunday, June 6, 2010


Manbabies are simple photoshops. It involves swapping the head of the man and the baby. is a single-topic site dedicated to this particular type of photoshoping and was launched in April 2008. The site received press coverage from an Australian newspaper in May 2008. The Kansas Star wrote a similar piece in August ’08.

From the Age interview:

Launched late last month by the two 22-year-olds from St Louis in the US state of Missouri, Man Babies does nothing more than host photos of man and child with their heads switched.

“Chase found this [head swap] photo on the net and after laughing for 15 minutes straight we started making our own,” said Truitt in a telephone interview, recalling the night he and his friend hatched their idea.

The pair showed their handiwork to family and friends and before they knew it, they were pulling together a website.

However, manbaby shoops can be found on Flickr dating back to 2006, the oldest being the below “Baby holding Bush”, uploaded by Ed Alkema and tagged “man, baby, manbaby”.

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