Monday, June 7, 2010


Rickrolling is a bait and switch: a person provides a web link that he or she claims is relevant to the topic at hand (like this one), but the link actually takes the user to the 1987 Rick Astley video Never Gonna Give You Up. The URL can be masked or obfuscated so a future victim cannot determine the true source of the link without clicking (like this). If a dumb cluck does click and is led to a web page with the song, he or she is said to have been Rickrolled (also spelled Rickroll’d). It is a common opinion that the most attention-getting aspect of the video, is Rick’s unexpectedly deep voice. According to VH1’s PopUp Video, record executives who heard his recordings didn’t believe it was his voice at first.

It is also interesting to note that Family Guy had an episode that featured an entire school getting rick-rolled.

Tutorial demonstrating how to properly rick roll


  1. I like it when people get rickrolled. I laugh every time when people fall for this prank. Sometimes when someone is looking for a certain topic and they get rickrolled, it is likely that they will get frustrated. That's the number one reason I think people rickroll, it is to upset people.

    ProjectGaming DM,NQ

  2. Seeing people get rick roll'd is fun and all.....until it happens to you....i once got rick roll'd myself and this one wasnt just a video on a website or anything like that it was an annoying pop-up! and everytime the mouse got close to the "x" close button it would move to a different place and u had to chace it and you couldnt get it to stop, my friends were laughing and all but the only solution i could find was turning of my computer and having to wait until it restarts again and opening all my windows again.... yep my experience getting rick roll'd >_<

  3. rickroll is one of the oldest meme. Love it.

    Hynotoad is another (not related to this)